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Every experience matters

About us

Lead designer

Jenny Blue

From an early age I displayed an aptitude for collage! How does that support my brand and design experience, you may ask? A great collage requires all the elements to work together cohesively. Like a successful collage, effective brand management requires all your marketing collateral and brand elements to work consistently across physical collateral as well as on digital platforms. Similar to a collage, taking bits and pieces from here and there to turn build, one big picture is a process that requires equal parts precision and creative thinking.


I started out as your typical art student, soon growing into a fashion, dinnerware/decorative and textile designer. Since then, I have added more and more skills into my little, red toolbox that support me to create strong brand identities, define and implement marketing solutions, and build creative designs for a number of businesses, both large and small.


Today, at Two Fish, I pride myself on devising solutions that are outside the box. Fresh is what I aim for when helping people and their businesses further their brand or start their marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, it’s all about working effectively with a diverse client base to achieve an array of positive end results that nurture and encourage progress in the professional endeavours of my business clients.


Two Fish strives to be the best promoter of your business before you can do that for yourself.
We are your silent partners of support to champion your business to shine and have an impact in the world where you want to make your mark.

Every experience matters

Benefits of Beautiful E-Learning


Two Fish is passionate about deliveryng beautiful and effective e-learning outcomes. It is vital that your training is delivering in a strategic manner to ensure maximum retention of the knowledge for your staff or clients. Effective training frameworks that include interativity and gamefication coupled with gorgeous graphics will ensure that your training is engaging to the end user. Staff with sound knowledge of compliance and procedures leads to better business and a happy workforce.