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Every detail matters

Our latest Blogs & Podcasts


Two Fish Strategies runs a podcast called Sassy Talk. Jenny interviews creatives and entreprenuers about their business. She also shares her insights and experience in the world of e-learning and training, how to engage your students, create engaging presentations and beautiful e-learning content.

There is a mad scramble right now to get learning and training online. For many businesses, this is a daunting task. Several factors need to be considered when developing learning materials, and in this crazy dash to get content together, these considerations can be overlooked. ......

LISTEN NOW   I chat with Emma Magenta –  artist, writer, author, filmmaker, and tarot consultant. Em shares: How to  generate creative opportunities by putting yourself out there in a resourceful way The challenges around pricing and valuing your work Failure is an opportunity to......

Visual storytelling is a key factor in effective visual communication and this more important than ever with the current need for online training. As human beings, we learn through story, especially visually. It is ingrained in us from an early age. This aptitude for storytelling......