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eLearning tips to get your online training up and running

eLearning tips to get your online training up and running

There is a mad scramble right now to get learning and training online. For many businesses, this is a daunting task. Several factors need to be considered when developing learning materials, and in this crazy dash to get content together, these considerations can be overlooked. 

One of the most straight forward methods of training online is to embrace Zoom or other online conference tools and schedule training sessions. This provides an immediate solution to this current training dilemma. Even in the world of Zoom or similar tools, you must engage your audience. When you engage your audience, they are far more likely to retain your content. As you know, there is nothing more tedious than listening to a boring presenter. Losing your audience’s interest equates to the lack of information retention, and depending on the requirements of your learning, such as compliance, this could be detrimental to your business.

It is one thing to engage your audience when you are training face to face or one on one; it is more challenging to engage your learners when they are not in the room. Here are few tips for creating an engaging online training session:

Beautifully branded resources

Provide an engaging slide deck that supports your brand. Simple consistency measures will help you to achieve this. A harmonious colour palette, consistent use of typography, and imagery style will help to create a compelling resource for your learners. Use infographics that are also consistent in style and colour. Break up your slides with the use of icons. Poorly presented slides or teaching resources can detract from the information you are trying to impart to the learners.

Be brief and concise

Keep your points on your slides limited and engage your audience by explaining them rather than merely reading off them. Support ALL your points with imagery. The perpetual use of text will disengage your learners. Include imagery that the learners will be able to relate to where possible. This will also assist with engaging your learners.

Pause, engage and include

When sharing your slides and explaining each point, pause and engage with your online audience – ask questions, clarify they understand the concepts and/or your instructions. This will change up the pace and avoid a monotonous experience for the learners. It will promote an inclusive virtual environment and provide you with feedback to gauge the learners’ understanding of the content you are sharing. 

Provide notes or additional resources

If you are putting your training together quickly, supplementary resources may be tricky to put together strategically. Notes, links, any further information to support your learning will help the learner to retain their knowledge on the training topic. Uploading a recording of your Zoom learning session will also be advantageous. 

The overview above serves as a ‘cheats’ guide to an engaging online training session. It is important to note that the strategic planning of training is essential to learning success. A well-considered eLearning strategy that offers interaction, and that is beautifully presented will ensure training success. Contact Two Fish Strategies if you require support in the development of your e-learning. We would love to assist you, and your staff get your training up and running.

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